New Website Design: Moving On from Your Old Website

The online world is changing faster than you think. Websites that were created just two years ago are obsolete. They are slow, unattractive, and not as functional as they should be. They were perfectly fine back in 2013, but in 2015, they are just not what works anymore.

Mobile functionality has taken over now. Google has made changes to its search engine results pages because of all the people who are using mobile devices now to search online. It’s likely since your website was created before the popularity of web browsing on mobile devices, it doesn’t render correctly on smartphones, iPhones, tablets, and iPads. That’s a problem.

It’s time to update your website. If it’s more than a year and a half old, you probably need a completely new design. If it’s just a year old, you may just need to tweak it to make it mobile friendly.

Only a professional web designer can help you make this decision. It’s an important decision because it could be costing you a lot of money right now when you have consumers coming to a site that isn’t updated. You could be ranking higher on search engine results pages, which brings more people to you. You could be serving your customers so much better.

What to Do with Your Site

Once you make the decision to move on from your old website, you will need to decide on a new theme. There are many themes to choose from, or you can have one created completely from scratch. Our website designers can do that for you, and we recommend it because you will then have a website that no one else has on the Internet. It will be tailored to your business’ brand. That’s what you want in a world where there are so many similar products and services.

Once you have a basic outline of what you want your website to look like, you’ll need to let your web designer know how you want it to function. This is another easy thing to do because as long as you can verbalize what you want consumers to do on your site, the designer can make it happen with coding. Everything will flow for consumers, and most importantly, the site will be mobile friendly for them.

As the web designer designs your new site, you will be able to make requests. Since a website can be a highly personalized possession, it’s important that you are happy with it. This is why we present different stages of the creation of the website, so we don’t get too far ahead without knowing you are completely pleased with it.

Now that you know whether or not you need to move on from your older site, and you know what to do to do that – let’s get started. We are ready to look over the site you have now and give you suggestions on how it can be improved. We can show you some examples of how we can design your new site, and then you can tell us what you would like. We’re ready to partner with you to make your online business a success!

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