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Graphic Design

Creating Unique Identities for Small Business

Our goal is to make small businesses look great.

Our custom design solutions are inspired by your company’s needs and marketing objectives. Employing a unique problem-solving methodology, Summit Design has a proven track record of delivering exceptional design solutions for clients large and small. Our services include turnkey design solutions for small businesses: logo, print collateral, signage and website.

While we do have a time-tested process, every project is unique. Our process will be adapted to meet your specific requirements. From consulting and concept development to final design, we take on any project large or small, with your success in mind. At the start of each project, we meet with you to understand the core of your business, competition, and customers. The identities we create express a strategic vision, thorough research, and a well-considered approach to color, typography, and symbol in a range of media and settings

We create innovative, individualized designs for each client. With our wide-ranging capabilities and extensive expertise, we can create coordinated solutions that address all of your marketing goals at once. We consider every stage critical and pay rigorous attention to product detail in order to create collateral that delivers clear, strategic messages tailored to specific delivery channels.


Summit Design is dedicated to providing quality branding services to both small and large organizations. Since 1997, our mission has been to provide the best possible branding experience across multiple mediums for our clients and their customers. Branding web sites, logo designs and multimedia presentations are just a few of the design tools we use to make your audience think, react, and remember.

Logo Design

We consider logo design a solution driven art. We can tailor the design to reflect the essence of your business. Identity is the face of your company. The logo, the colors, and the fonts used in your marketing materials are all designed to help your customer learn and remember who you are. Eventually, when they see your logo, an emotion will be invoked, and that emotion is your brand. Summit Design will make sure the feeling is a good one.

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